Meet our Ambassadors

Meet Melissa

Melissa has been a dedicated student of Yoga since 2006. Aspiring to inspire her students to practice with awareness, freedom, respect and joy. She guides with a unique blend of strength, detail and compassion & has been teaching for the last 11 years in Dubai.

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Meet Mylene

Mylene loves an inspiring, rhythmic, and safe flow. Her passion for Yoga is contagious, focusing on the benefits of this traditional practice with a modern twist. She shares her gentle and calming presence with a strong and dependable practice.

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Meet Talyssa

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Talyssa moved to Dubai almost a decade ago. Her practice is directed towards awakening us to what we refer to as the true “promise of yoga”: to live free and empowered.

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Meet Sarah

Half Belgian, half Spanish. Sarah is a passionate yoga teacher based in Dubai. Loves practicing yoga on and off the mat. Her motto? “I will see it when I believe it”.

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Meet Masha

Dr. Masha Lekic is a cosmetic dermatologist and passionate yoga teacher. Her yoga journey means a re-discovering authentic and whole you. Learning from your past, strengthening your present, and building your future.

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Meet Yasmine

From an Egyptian-Filipino background, Yassmine is seeking to promote the essence of yoga. She is an advocate for the power of free movement of the body, which can be practiced by everyone.

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Meet Zeina

Originally from Lebanon, Zeina Assaf is a Dubai based yoga teacher. She lives by the mantra “practice yoga, practice love”.

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